Fiercely with passion, emotion, drive. Moving beyond rhetoric and academic discourse. Towards a syncing of heart and mind. Where we get heated, fired-up, personal. Detached objective essays are not what you’ll find here.

And gentle because I believe force is always oppressive. You can harshly train a baby to sleep independently, or you can choose to rock him gently. You can focus on punishment as a deterrent, or you can build strong supportive social structures.

Ultimately, empathy can lead us to creating just approaches. Approaches that dignify and honour citizens, rather than disempower and blame.

I think this blog is to share my thoughts on issues that I come across everyday as a mother and wife, student, Islamic community worker and follower of Australian and International politics.

You’ll find a mixture of anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, environmentalist, Islamist and democratic views expressed here as a fiercely gentle approach.

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