The latest realisation I’ve reached is that the monstrosity of capitalism is in its ability to reep from all forms of good or bad that we indulge in. If I recycle or buy organic, I distract away from the thought that we need real structural change than small lifestyle feel good initiatives. If I dont recycle or buy organic, I’m a careless consumer contributing more waste to the earth we’re entrusted to look after and I don’t challenge or demand companies act more ethically. The only way out that I see is to minimise consumption and to boycott where I can. But I have to work to undermine the forces of capitalism otherwise the lifestyle choices are becoming my way of passive inaction and complicity. And then I realise that these ethical dilemmas are from a position of privilege as most people around the world worry about liberation from occupation and exploitation and I’m here like I have to stop buying anything. There are layers upon layers of thought stifling systems that reinforce capitalism and let loose those who privilege from it.


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