The most complicit yet caring generation

Inspired by this video where scientists have called for “radical and immediate de-growth strategies in the United States, EU and other wealthy nations.”

Well it’s agreed upon that people of my generation now are into (value, appreciate) environmental protection, fair trade, healthy eating etc.

We show this ‘interest’ by:
– sharing documentaries such as Chocolate A Bitter Truth
– buying Nescafe fair trade coffee instead of the generic brand
– complaining about how Abbott wants to cut the carbon tax
– liking pages on Facebook such as ‘I give a sh*t about Nature’.

It’s awesome, you know, we care about things that matter. So truly, that we cannot imagine people in developing countries not having recycle bins. ‘Seriously, all that paper what do they do with it?’ ‘I even buy a notebook made from recycled paper because I care about trees.’

And didn’t you hear how Rio Tinto they screw up countries like Indonesia and they won’t move and let the local villagers live in their traditional land.

Gina Rinehart is such a …….

OK very concerned Y generationer. Those Ultra Light Nike shoes, where were they made? Oh, and those top brand Sunnies, the Apple laptop you used to share The Bitter Truth, the car you drive because the train is often too much trouble, the 2 minute noodles in your pantry, the dryer you use coz the weather keeps changing outside …..

Ya you might care. I might care. But do I care enough to get myself off the soft cushion that is life for 21st century adults in developed nations and, start, maybe, putting the clothes on the line?

Or, God forbid, take a 20 minute walk to my friend’s house instead of lining up 6 cars each time we gather.

Maybe our generation cares more in terms of supports a campaign, because that’s the right thing to do, but do we care to leave a carbon footprint lower than our parents and grandparents.

Can we, the custodians of the environment, the passionate protectors of The Great Barrier Reef, tolerate living to lower standards of energy and material consumption?

That means a 5 minute shower instead of 20 minutes. It means stop shopping because your clothes will never get old even if you continued to wear them for the next 5, what 5, 10 years even.

The reality is that most companies market to young people, with a growing share targeting children, because that’s where you find the consumers.

That’s where you find the peer pressure where cool is the one with the latest gadget. Where girls buy shoes because you can’t keep wearing the same pair of heels to every occasion. Where we are born to buy because fancy toys supposedly aid the child’s development and baby sneakers are cute.

They are. But when the mother making these shoes only gets $2 a day and accepts this pay because she has no other avenue to support her family, then no, these sneakers aren’t cute, they are complicity.

When the chocolate we eat from the fundant fountain is stained by the tears of the mother who’s child was kidnapped and enslaved to collect some beans of the tree, then I don’t want your chocolate.

And that’s not to mention the toxins released every time a product is manufactured that endanger species my son will never know.

Or the rate at which sea levels are rising that can only be reduced if we seriously made thousands of companies out of business today.

We care, then seriously, enough with the shopping and the technology. Why not we sew up our pants, if we can even find a needle and thread at home.


3 thoughts on “The most complicit yet caring generation

  1. Not to be pedantic but who lives 20minute walk from a friend? Everything is at the very least 10min with a car, travelling at 60-70km per hour. What about a bike….? Can’t load the kids on one, all those other nasty drivers might just hit one, God forbid.

    Maybe you’re surrounded by crappy people because everyone I know has old clothes that’s been patched, smashed phones that hardly work anymore but do the basics, even grow their own veges…. Use earths choice soaps…. The list goes on

    • Lol its just an example. I’m glad there are more and more people making the choices you mention but I’m talking about a culture of consumerism. And when you can buy a jacket at $20 on sale why patch the older one. But we should because that’d the only way we can do something to protect the environment.

      • Or turn the old ones into cleaning cloths when they’re beyond repair…. And get a brand new one at a rip off price because they paid some poor person in Cambodia or bangaledesh or china $20 for the year….
        Ok go buy material… Same problem. How about a post about our economic battle? How do we win that when all the major companies are exploiting the poor….?

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