This is from a post I wrote in 2009.

How can you expect her not to turn to prostitution when she’s never felt a true sense of dignity, when she’s never been told how much she’s worth?
How can you blame him for theft when he’s never had the opportunity to recognise and enjoy ownership?
How can you tell her to drop drugs coz theyre harmful when the reality surrounding her brings more pain?

How can you call them misguided when they join gangs, seeking a sense of belonging not provided by their family?
How can you call them not real ‘men’ or ‘women’ when they’ve never been given the opportunity to explore their true masculinity/femininity?

How can you label them thugs, low-life bums, and exclude them assuming they’re trying to undermine your society, when the pain they’ve suffered and are suffering is greater than the irritation you feel when you interact with them?


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