‘It’s not practical’

Whenever I critique a social or political policy that I argue is systemic, I’m faced with someone who dismisses my demand that things change with the famous ‘it’s not practical’.

But I just wonder, why does it have to be?

We are so driven to be productive, efficient, results oriented, that we often refuse ideas based on, not their moral or ethical legitimacy, but their impracticality.

Indigenous Australians deserve to be positioned as the rightful owners of this land, politically, they need to not only have an MP, but construct the system by which this nation is governed.

Umm, that’s totally impractical.

Children should be respected in every space as equal individuals who participate just as any other guest is welcomed and catered for.

Yaaa I don’t think that’s very practical though.

This practicality framework of assessment halts dissent. Any call for real structural change will be shut out and the status quo easily maintained.

In a world where corporations buy governments, I believe that if you want change you need to let go of practicality. You need to embrace the radical, the insane, the impossible.

You need to get uncomfortable, engage in a debate of ideas and forget the how.

When the prophet was held by an angel who revealed to him his mission, he abandoned practicality and embraced the vision.

Once the purpose became clear in his mind, and only then, did he begin to think of strategies and tactics.


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